Simple pendulum

Investigation into simple harmonic motion using a mass-spring system and a simple pendulum



1. Open up the LabCity practical labelled ‘A simple pendulum’.

2. Pull the pendulum to the side (less than 15 degrees) and release it so that it has a small amplitude and travels in a straight line.

3. Note time after 10 complete oscillations and record this time, T10.

4. Divide T10 by 10 to find the time period T of the pendulum and record this.

5. Decrease the length L by 0.100m and repeat this, reducing L by 0.100m each time down to 0.500m.

6. Repeat the experiment twice more and find and record the mean T for each L.

Graphs and calculations

Plot a graph of T^2 against L and draw a line of best fit. The gradient will be 4π^2 divided by g.