What is LabCity?

LabCity is a simple and practical teaching software designed to be used by educators around the world, Science teachers at schools, private tutors at their premises, and parents to complement demonstrations conducted in physical labs. It is intuitive, encourages experimentation without concerns over safety and delicate equipment.


It is a cloud-based platform solution, a virtual laboratory, which makes it possible for Science lessons to be portable, non-dependant on any physical labs, and turning tedious experiments into fun Science practicals and exercises. For schools without adequate physical lab on site, LabCity resolves your need to have one.


LabCity contains 300+ pieces of apparatus allowing the creation of 10,000+ practical set-ups for students at Junior and Senior levels. All lessons are aligned with the UK’s GCSE and A Level syllabus.

Who can benefit from LabCity?

Science Teachers

◆  Set up simple to complex experiments easily

◆  Repeat experiments without losing time

◆  Teacher’s guides and question set for students

◆  No damage to delicate equipment and no risk to safety


◆  Encourage interest in Science

◆  Monitor homework and revision

◆  Join in the fun

◆  Use question set and teacher’s note to assist

Private Tutors

◆  No lab?  No problem

◆  An ideal resource anytime, anywhere

◆  Make teaching Science fun and engaging

◆  More than just simulation, it is close to the real thing

GCSE & A Level students

◆  Your own lab in the cloud

◆  Revision made easy

◆  Experiment with no concern of damage or risk

◆  Repeat exercise as often as you want


LabCity is aligned to every aspect of the Physics curriculum in the UK syllabus and more. The experiments contained in LabCity range from all standard topics covered in KS3 to KS5, to topics with increasing complexity and levels using a variety of equipment and set-ups. There are 300+ pieces of apparatus allowing the creation of 10,000+ practical set-ups which give students at all levels access to a realistic lab experience. LabCity enables teachers to set up and demonstrate experiments allowing students to engage in Physics lesson in a fun and risk-free environment.

Click the buttons below and have fun!

This experiment demonstrates where a dedicated circuit engine, electric and magnetic environment can simulate the interaction between electric charges, the interaction between magnetic poles and so on.

There is no circuit that cannot be created. How amazing!

On this experiment, inclusions of typical equipment found in the household, allows you replicate real life situations and learn Physics in familiar context.

It reinforces learning if you can relate to day to day life.

Observe the waveforms of different kinds of musical instruments such as piano, bottle piano, and flute etc. and track them easily. The operation is so simple and the result is very clear. The built-in Oscilloscope can also detect sounds in the real environment.

Visualise the dynamic light path, refraction, reflection and scattering etc. Observe how flexible it is for you to move, rotate and set different angles to the equipment, allowing you to see in much more details than the real experiment.

Real life conditions can be simulated with real time mechanical movements!  Here, it serves to familiarise students with what the experiment would involve.

Concepts difficult to demonstrate conclusively in a physical lab can be illustrated and tested here, including variables such as air resistance, slope, friction, acceleration and other variables which are essential aspects of the UK Syllabus.

Feel free to try different combination of apparatus. You can also compare the different set ups at the same time. The operation is so simple and we encourage you to have fun.

There are a number of apparatus in this topic such as spring, tracks, conveyor belt, point charge and so on. Not only can you create experiments like free fall, verify the mechanical energy balance, Newton’s pendulum, but also simulate Alpha particle scattering, satellite, the solar system movement and many others.

Use our revolutionary Modern Physics section to illustrate concepts students find notoriously hard to visualise and test including the photoelectric effect and alpha scattering among a range of other advanced experiments.

Teach your students advanced and complex Physics successfully with illustrations and experiments impossible to replicate in the real lab.

Where you can use LabCity

◆  In the classroom to carry out rapid demonstrations to complement teaching

◆  In remote teaching environment so Physics education can take place

anywhere, anytime

◆  In revision session to reinforce learning and to illustrate theories

LabCity in Numbers


Pieces of Apparatus








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